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  • Remote Control Vibrators Remote Control Vibrators
    Tease, tantalize, and play from across the table, or across the world! Here you'll find remote-controlled vibrators that can be controlled with remotes, or with bluetooth apps, allowing for partner play anywhere, anytime!
  • Vibrating Panties & Wearable Vibrators Vibrating Panties & Wearable Vibrators
    Wearable vibrators are vibrators that can be worn in clothing or placed internally allowing for hands-free pleasure! Vibrating panties are the most popular type of wearable vibrator, and some may even have remotes for endless possibilities for play!
  • Clitoral Suction Clitoral Suction
    One of the hottest new styles of sex toys, these pleasure products use suction and air pulsation to stimulate the clitoris and nipples with less direct contact, and deeper, more satisfying orgasms. Clitoral suction is an oral lover's dream!
  • Massage Wands Massage Wands
    Designed for use on the whole body, massage wands provide unparalleled intense vibrations with a large area of effect - perfect for sore muscles and powerful pleasure.
  • G-Spot Vibrators G-Spot Vibrators
    Explore vibrators designed to stimulate the all powerful g-spot, including innovative models that tap, come-hither, and rumble for the deep gratification of g-spot orgasms. Also helpful for achieving squirting orgasms!
  • Rabbit Vibrators Rabbit Vibrators
    Named after their bunny-like appearance, experience blended orgasmic pleasure with dual vibrators that stimulate the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously for supreme satisfaction!
  • Thrusting Vibrators Thrusting Vibrators
    Unique new vibrators with special features, thrusting and motion vibrators are any vibe that thrusts, moves, twists, or provides targeted come hither movements perfect for penetrative pleasure!
  • Finger & Tongue Vibrators Finger & Tongue Vibrators
    Perfect for foreplay enthusiasts - step up your foreplay game with wearable finger vibrators for tantalizing touch, or licking tongue vibrators for oral sex heaven.
  • Realistic Vibrators Realistic Vibrators
    For those of who think phallic is where it's at, realistic vibrators look and often feel like realistic penises, and are ready whenever you are!
  • Classic Vibrators Classic Vibrators
    Familiar, classically designed, seamless plastic vibrators, pocket rockets, and a variety tried and true battery operated gems can be found here!
  • Beginner Vibrators Beginner Vibrators
    Looking for a vibrator but not sure where to start? Featuring a variety of intuitive, easy-to-use vibrators for beginners and non-beginners alike!
  • Bullets, Eggs, & Clit Vibes Bullets, Eggs, & Clit Vibes
    External only? Explore our range of classic bullet vibrators, and vibrating eggs with wired and wireless remotes, perfect sex toys for those who want targeted clitoral stimulation!
  • Rechargeable Vibrators Rechargeable Vibrators
    Do you hate looking for batteries every time you're in the mood? Look no further and shop all of our rechargeable vibrators!
  • Silicone Vibrators Silicone Vibrators
    Do you have sensitive skin? Shop our selection of Silicone Vibrators for a body-safe option! Silicone is non-porous making it a safer option at the microbial level, and easy to completely clean with toy cleaners and water afterwards!

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