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Pleasure Pods All-Natural Plant-Based Lubricant

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Pleasure Pods All-Natural Plant-Based Lubricant
Part Number: PP00001
Availability: SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS
Pleasure pods are an all-new never before seen lubricant like no other!  Made from solid plant butters and warmed in your hand for play or massage...
  • All Natural Solid Plant-Based Lube
  • Melts In Your Hand Ready For Use
  • Great For Play, Massage, Or Use With Toys
  • Doesn't Affect PH or Osmolality Balance
  • Stays Where You Put It & Use Again & Again
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Pleasure Pods: The revolutionary solid-to-liquid plant-based pod that can be used for partner, solo, and toy play!

Pleasure pods are an all-new never before seen lubricant like no other!  Made from solid plant butters and warmed in your hand for play or massage, pleasure pods are body-safe, ph neutral, and locally made within Ontario!

melt in your hand and on your body
Feel the mango, cocoa, and kokum butters turn into a silky-smooth liquid lube.
Easy-to-hold and apply, PLEASURE PODS® are solid at room temperature and melt easily at body
temperature.  The pod feels right in the hand and anywhere you want to use it

feel pleasure like never before
With a silky, consistent, long-lasting glide that won't dry out and get sticky.
Whatever your pleasure, play uninterrupted, and feel sensations and excitement you’re not used
to.  Use your imagination…

ideal for partner, solo, toy play
Enjoy the ultimate luxury in personal lubrication.
A natural lube that doesn’t run, cause a mess, stain the sheets, cause infections, and actually
enhances pleasure.  Each of our plant butters and oils has been selected for its lubricating and nourishing qualities

a lube that stays where you put it
No more pouring it on and feeling it run away.
PLEASURE PODS® don’t run like a liquid and deliver a powerful concentration of lubrication
where you put it. Let’s be honest, how much of the liquid lube you use ends up somewhere you don’t want?

natural, plant-based, unscented
Mango, cocoa, kokum, olive, argan, & rosemary create a subtle chocolate aroma.
PLEASURE PODS® are hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
& leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous.  Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamins A, B6, C, D2, E, and K, they
create a protective barrier that prevents drying, and supports collagen production.

feel the difference to water, silicone, and oil
Water-based lubes feel sticky and need to be reapplied often because they dry quickly.
Silicone and oils don’t get sticky, but like all liquids they run away and need to be reapplied to
maintain a slippery glide. PLEASURE PODS® contain no water to dry out and get sticky, and don’t run away.

no chemicals, parabens, glycerin, or gluten
Eliminate all the things you don’t like about lube.
The ingredients & additives, the stickiness, itching & burning, and the mess & stains.

no water means no preservatives
Are needed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, or yeast.
PLEASURE PODS® don’t interact with water, and won’t affect your body’s natural pH or
osmolality balance, or cause yeast infections or UTIs. Our blend of plant butters and oils is a shelf-stable solid material 
until you apply your body heat or melt it in the microwave.

fabulous for massage
Activated by body heat PLEASURE PODS® melt on contact with the skin.
Apply directly, melt in your hands, or pop in the microwave for 1 minute to create a warm, soothing
liquid.  PLEASURE PODS® start to melt at 93-94 F or 34 C which is slightly below body temperature.

no mess, no stains, easy to clean
Using PLEASURE PODS® isn’t messy like a liquid, cream, or gel. It stays where you put it, so clean-up is quick and easy.
Toys can be cleaned with soap and hot water. If you do get some on the sheets, you’ll find the use of a pre-wash spray or 
washing in hot water does the trick.

no more leaky bottle in the bedside table drawer
PLEASURE PODS® come in a discrete, convenient, non-toxic, 100% recyclable packaging.
An unfinished pod can be put back in the tray, and like a bar of soap it will be ready for next time.
If required, you can clean the pod after each use with a wipe of a cloth.

100% Pleasure Guarantee

*at this time Pleasure Pods have not been approved to be used with condoms*

Usually ships within 24hrs

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