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  • Water Based Lubes Water Based Lubes
    Water based lubes are the best lubricant for partnered or solo play, and especially for using with toys! Water based lubes are a must-have sex essential!
  • Silicone Lubes Silicone Lubes
    Silicone lubes are among the best personal lubricants for anal sex, penetrative sex, and masturbation! They're condom-safe, are great for people with skin sensitivities, and are incredibly long lasting!
  • Anal Lubes & Relaxers Anal Lubes & Relaxers
    Trying anal for the first time? Prepare yourself for exhilarating pleasure with anal lubricants and anal relaxers designed to make anal sex a perfect experience for you!
  • Hybrid Lubes Hybrid Lubes
    Hybrid Lubricants are great for women, men, and all folks who love the easy clean-up of water based lubes, but crave the longevity of silicone lubes. They're perfect for penetrative sex, anal sex, and may be used with some toys!
  • Warming & Cooling Lubes Warming & Cooling Lubes
    Heat it up or cool it down with warming and cooling lubricants for sex! You can find warming, cooling, tingling, or sensitizing lubricants of all kinds to change things up in the bedroom!
  • Flavoured Lubes Flavoured Lubes
    Looking for a tasty treat? Try the best flavoured lubricants to turn oral into a sweet treat! You'll never be more excited for oral than when your partner tastes like chocolate, strawberry, watermelon, or even like a pina colada!

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