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Earn 36% commision on
your first affiliate order.

2x = 36%

Ways to make money with our affiliate program:

Affiliates 2
  • Take advantage of our special affiliate events for extra commission rates.
  • Get bonuses on your commissions through affiliate contests!
  • We offer discounts & promotions to increase your revenue.
  • Monetize by promoting your affiliate link in videos, on your channels, on social media, via email, or in direct IM.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate page from your blog or Tumblr with text links, or use our affiliate banners on websites.

We are here to help.

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Payment Structure:

We pay 18% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.

Share the link to your unique affiliate page.


Customers browse our wide selection and make a purchase.

Payment 2

We pay you 18% of the order total, just like that.

How we help you earn $$:

Our Affiliates

Our affiliate program is always free to use.


We are here to answer your questions and provide support.

Affiliates Offer

We offer valuable incentives to both affiliates and customers.

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Our intuitive platform is fast and easy to use!

How do links get tracked?

In short, very intensely from the first impression all the way to the purchase.

In long, technical jargon, our platform generates a transaction ID to create reports as the customer experiences our website, then provides you with dashboards, reporting, campaigns, network news, all housed in your own account. You can use this information to maximize sales and your commission!

If you'd like more information or need help finding your way around, please don't hesitate to contact us!

I'm in!
How do I start earning?

Click below to sign up with a Lovedreamer Affiliate account and start sharing your links.

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have a few questions.

We're happy to answer them! Contact us via email below or via phone at 877-739-0170.

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