Intimina - Laselle Routine Exercise Balls Set - Women

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Intimina - Laselle Routine Exercise Balls Set - Women
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The Laselle Exercise Routine is the ultimate training solution for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles in an …
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The Laselle Exercise Routine is the ultimate training solution for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles in an easy and effective way. Keeping these muscles healthy and strong is essential for women at every age to ensure complete intimate wellness.

Your pelvic floor muscles, just like other muscle groups, must be exercised to stay strong and healthy. The Laselle Exercise Routine gives you ability to build your own workout and to change it to suit your needs.

Laselle Exercisers come in varying weights that can be used individually or combined to create up to 6 weight combinations. Progressing through the weight levels and then linking multiple exercisers to build strength further allows you to rapidly see and feel the progress you've made.

This complete workout set includes 3 exercisers of varying weights that can be used individually or combined to effectively build strength and tone. Worn internally, the spherical shaped weight provides a solid object to flex your muscles around and emits subtle vibrations during movement to confirm that it is correctly placed.

Laselle exercisers enable you to develop the correct technique of lifting upwards and squeezing. Progressing to higher weight levels and then combining multiple exercisers for a more advanced routine promises an efficient and effective workout. Easy-to-use, discreet and completely body-safe, the Laselle Exercise Routine will help you to reach the peak of your intimate health.

What materials are the exercisers made from, are they safe to put inside my body?
They were specially created for your intimate area in order to be safe, soft and very comfortable to wear. The exercisers are made entirely from body-safe materials, including phthalate-free silicone and ABS. With their bacteria-resistant retraction cords, non-porous silicone skins and outer rings of durable ABS plastic, the exercisers are extremely hygienic and easy-to-clean.

How do I insert the exercisers?
Inserting the exercisers is simple; assume a comfortable position and insert the exerciser fully into the vagina using a little water-based lubricant. There is no need to push the exerciser deep inside as it should rest comfortably above the pelvic floor muscles about 2cm inside. If you are inserting more than one ball, follow the same method, inserting the lead ball first and then the second ball with the retraction cord facing out. Maintain a relaxed breathing pattern and use a gentle but firm motion to introduce the balls into your vaginal opening.

How do I remove the exercisers?
With the retraction cord, taking the exerciser out is as easy as putting it in. The cord is 7cm long to facilitate easy removal. Make sure the retraction cord protrudes slightly from the vagina when you insert the exerciser. To remove, simply pull the cord, gently at first, increasing pressure as required. If the exerciser does not come out easily, try sitting or lying down, relax your body, and pull the cord a little harder.

How do I clean my exerciser?
Clean your exerciser before and after each use, either with anti-bacterial soap and water or with a purpose-made product such as our Intimate Accessory Cleaner. Wipe dry with a lint-free towel or cloth. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone as these substances have the potential to disturb your natural balance and they may also damage the silicone on the outer shell of the exerciser.

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