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Dream Rewards

We’re very excited to offer our customers our rewards program: DreamRewards! Earn points and redeem them for great products. This program has been active for over a year, so you may have already accumulated points. Read more about DreamRewards in our Quick-Start guide- It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get rewarded!

Step 1: Earn Points

Getting started is simple- shop at! Each product in our store has a DreamReward point value attached to it.

Using the product page for the iSex USB Massage Kit as an example, you can find the DreamReward point value under the Main Product Description and above the Related Items section, as seen below. This is the value of the points you’ll receive upon purchasing the item.

Pick out your favorite products and get started earning your DreamReward points today!

 Step 2: Receive Points

All you have to do to earn the attached point value is purchase the item while logged into your account. You can log in or create an account at this link. Your DreamReward points will be added to your account automatically!

You can track the accumulation of your DreamReward points on the header of each page, or view more detailed information on your personal account page here.

Step 3: Redeem Your Points

Now comes the fun part! You can now use the DreamRewards points you’ve saved up to purchase products or gift cards on! Using our previous example of the bestselling iSex USB Massage Kit, you can find the “Redeem” button just under the traditional purchase button.

If you don’t have enough DreamRewards points to redeem for the item, you can also redeem your accumulated points for a gift card! For example, if you have 500 points and want to purchase the iSex USB Massage Kit, you can redeem your 500 points for the equal value on a gift card, in this case, $25. You can use your gift card on anything in the store!

Your DreamRewards points never expire and are earned automatically on every purchase with us! Questions about our DreamRewards program? Feel free to contact us using the links below!